Awakening of the Heart

A respected teacher of Osho meditation, relationship counseling, and couples therapy, Turiya promises to help listeners transform hate and anger to love, bitterness and resentment into compassion.
Awakening of the Heart is broken up into two tracks:
1. In the first finds Turiya is guiding a meditation of awakening. She has a pleasantly maternal German-accented voice, raspy and centered, that fuses strength and focus with a playful sense of mildness and calm. Unobtrusive and almost dreamlike in her cadence, it’s clear Turiya knows how to reach your innermost ear.
In encouraging us to feel our heart right now in this moment, Turiya provides a sense of safety and support for us to open our heart’s defenses, to risk exposure of our inner self, to open ourselves like a flower to the strange beauty of the cosmos.
"Let yourself be wrapped into a soft blanket of friendliness, awareness, and love", she advises. In this, Turiya grants us subtle permission to let our guard down, to face and let go of past misunderstandings, wounds and rejections. The key here is to embrace the compassionate, fully in the moment nature of Turiya's guidance. Breath-controlling numerical countdowns and relaxation exercises are scuttled in favor of tenderly phrased platitudes regarding the nature of the most hallowed treasure within, love. With her guidance we are able to see that our past hurts are necessary to mature, grow and expand. Everything in our experience is an essential part of our journey into mindfulness.
2. After guiding you into a place of acceptance and perfect bliss, Turiya steps aside and lets Parijat take you farther out, into the spaces of your freshly awakened heart where language cannot reach.
The second track is instrumental, courtesy of the prolific and beloved New Age artist Parijat. It's a beguiling and soothing mix of drones and extended ambient sound that register in the mind's ear as long, drawn-out breaths. Chimes and ascending pitches alternate in a tonic-dominant cycle of fifths. A classical guitar arpeggio slowly winds into view, linking this soothing work with those of past luminaries such as J. S. Bach. The music never enters the world of melody or sinks into pure ambience.