About us

Center Premin is the center for improving the quality of life. It was founded in 2013. Center Premin is supporting individuals, communities, organizations and companies.
We assist people in discovering and living their purpose, their full potential, creating a more balanced and healthier life and having more fulfilling relationships, increasing personal satisfaction and happiness, personal and organizational productivity and creating success however you may define it.
This is achieved mostly through boutique style, highly customized and highly transformative one on one coaching sessions, events, workshops, retreats & team building activities.
We do so within Center Premin as well as in cooperation with other legal for profit and for benefit entities in Croatia and worldwide.

Center Premin also has an ongoing long-term project with Votum Foundation in Mumbai, India, called "Feeding the future", helping marginalized groups of children, age 8 – 18.

I am the founder and President of Center Premin, founded in 2013.
I am Personal Life Coach with more than 30 years of experience working in international organizations, private schools, NGO & corporate sectors and 30 years of passionate, dedicated focus on discovering inner worlds and inner potential of my own and of others. I am a meditator.
I have embarked on the inner journey in 1993., after understanding that there must be more than meets the eye.
I started asking the questions as everything I have achieved and who I thought I was simply was not fulfilling me. I encountered a man whose presence was miraculous and had a magical effect on me. At the time I thought it was luck. For quite some years now I understand that everything happens for a reason and for us and when we are ready to see it and take it in.
He was of immense importance for me. The encounters were nourishing my brain cells, my body and soul. He kept saying: “Life is a mystery”! To me he was a mystery and a miracle! The way he moved, the way he talked, the way he was... It all makes sense, since he, too, was part of life, right? My thirst for knowing the big truth was being quenched. I was receiving literally all the answers to all the questions I have ever asked myself!
I was ready to risk everything again and again! Every time I entered the meeting be it a regular weekly meeting for a few hours, weekend workshop or a few weeks long residential retreat, I knew I would never be the same after it finished. Nothing was certain, nothing was permanent. Yet, everything that was showing up for me had so much more value that what disappeared. I was becoming more real and more true to myself. It felt as only then I was becoming! It felt more and more like I was coming home. Foggy vails had been raising. It felt like my rigid structures, rigid ego ideas, rigid everything was melting away. I would take on amorphous form by the end of every meeting. It felt so good! It felt so nourishing for my soul! I became an addict to the path of awareness forever.
In parallel I have lived and enjoyed my outer life to the full. Living and loving, socializing, travelling, hobbying, working.
I was perceiving though, the rest of my life as my spiritual playground. It was a place where I could test all that I learned. It was so and so it is up to today and I love it!

I have been attending numerous workshops and retreats worldwide for 30 years (30 years in 2023) and it continues and always will. I have attended many lectures, trainings, teacher trainings, workshops, I staffed, I assisted and will continue to do so.
One of my mentors says: "Give a session, get a session" and I love it!
I love being an eternal student of life!
I was soaking in the energy, atmosphere, vibration, wisdom and knowledge. I was being transformed and healed along the way and growing in awareness. New layers and nuances were and are coming to the surface, ready to be discovered, acknowledged, healed and let go off!
Some of the trainings that I have done in the last 30 years include: Integrative Systemic Coaching, Insight Coaching, Somatic Experiencing, Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher Training, Pre and Perinatal Education, Mystic Rose and No mind Facilitator training, Non-Aggression Program for kids, Breath, Water, Sound program, Laughter Yoga, Mastering Alive Relationships, etc., etc.